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New COVID-19 Products

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all part of our life across the globe. We at UFC Biotechnology are committed to providing reagents and supplies that are need for COVID-19 sample collection to fight and control the COVID-19 outbreak. Explore our offerings.

Executive Summary

Life sciences, fine chemicals and waste remediation businesses continue to develop at a rapid pace. This growth is fueled by supportive policies encouraging innovation, research & development, and commercialization.
From the very beginning of Covid-19 epidemic, UFC Bio started to provide viral transport media, nasal and oral swabs to several customers.
UFC Biotechnology and its partner Luminous BioSciences has started to manufacture Covid-19 related products from the viral sample collection, viral extraction to qPCR test kits.
UFC Biotechnology was established in 2011 and has a Joint-Venture named UFC Biotech in Saudi Arabia with the National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) and its subsidiary King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) to manufacture needed cell and microbial culture media & supplements in the area, and take advantage of the market potential.
As a result of its success, market knowledge and ability to quickly respond, UFC Biotechnology is in great position to make additional contributions due to its vast knowledge spanning from years of the U.S. industrial and R&D expertise. UFC Biotechnology has world-class, award-winning scientists and engineers. Below is a brief summary of its capabilities.


UFC Biotechnology is established by Dr. Bayram Arman in 2011. Dr. Arman is a winner of 2003 R&D Award, 2003 World Oil Award, 2001 Discover Award Finalist and holds over 65 US patents.
Dr. Arman and his colleagues established Universal Fine Chemicals, Inc. (UFC) in May 2005 to become a primary USA manufacturer of biological buffers such as HEPES, MES & PIPES, amino acids and derivatives such as L-cystine and custom liquid solutions – these products were sold to customers such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Eli Lily, Genentech, GSK, Pfizer, and others. He was President of UFC until its merger with United Biochemicals in October 2012. United Biochemicals (now part of Avantor) is an OEM manufacturer of custom media for major life sciences companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Millipore Sigma, Lonza, GE Hyclone and others.
UFC team developed and commercialized following product lines:
• Commercialized ultra-high purity nitrogen plant for electronics manufacturing.
• Developed and commercialized cryogenic refrigeration including thermoacoustic and large scale mixed refrigeration
• Developed GMP commercial organic synthesis and purification processes for a family of biological buffers, including TRIS HCl, HEPES, MES, and PIPES. Current production in excess of 150 MT annually.
• Developed GMP commercial organic synthesis and purification processes for a family of amino acids and salts, including L-cystine, L-cystine hydrochloride, Tyrosine disodium.
• Developed and commercialized an improved synthesis process for Bis Tris Propane, a high value
added biological buffer, including electrodialysis purification.

• Identified improved electrochemical process for deacetoxylation of pharmaceutical intermediate in order to replace more hazardous dissolving metal reduction.
• Initiated development of novel electrochemical synthesis of D-arabinose, a valuable carbohydrate intermediate.
• Directed research and development of a novel electrodialysis process to improve crystallization yield of a pharmaceutical product by over 25%. Successfully assisted customer with design and installation of commercial scale electrodialysis plant, including engineering, start up and operator training. Plant startup was completed to provide for FDA validation of the process.
• Managed design and fabrication of an automated electrodialysis pilot system for recycle of a valuable chemical reagent, and provided start up, performance testing, and operator training at customer site.
• Led project safety review team during design, fabrication, and startup of 10 kW pilot plant for bromine-polysulfide battery cycling.
• Developed cell culture media, electrophoresis media and reagent manufacturing for life sciences R&D.
• Developed viral transport media (VTM), both magnetic and tube based viral extraction kits, PCR kits for Covid-19 testing.


• SLE, VLE & EOS development & modeling
• Heat and mass transfer, computational fluid dynamics
• Organic synthesis
• Electrochemical technology
• Cell culture & electrophoresis
• Proteins & exosomes
• PCR kits

• Patent review and feasibility analysis
• QA and QC system development
• Environmental testing
• Engineering flow diagram and material balances
• HAZOP, engineering design review & safety reviews

• Plant development and scale-up
• Equipment design and commercialization – distillation, evaporation, absorption, adsorption, ion exchange, reactor, crystallization, drying, spray drying, heat exchange equipment, …
• Start-up and process troubleshooting