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Spin RNA Extraction Kit

The VIRAL RNA ISOLATION KIT is designed to purify RNA in small amounts from a variety of samples such as serum, plasma or viral transport media. This kit is supplied with Viral RNA binding column, buffers and collection tubes.

The sample is mixed with lysis/binding buffer which releases the RNA.  After the addition of the Binding Solution, the mixture is loaded on the column and centrifuged at low speed for 1 minute to retain the Viral RNA by the column and remove all unwanted materials. Subsequent wash steps remove salts, metabolites, and macromolecular cellular components. High quality RNA is eluted with RNase-free H2O. The RNA preparation using Viral RNA Isolation kits can be performed at room temperature. The eluate should be treated with care because RNA is very sensitive to trace contaminations of RNases, often found on general lab ware, fingerprints, and dust. Eluted RNA is kept frozen at –20 °C for short term or –70 °C for long term storage to ensure RNA stability. The kit is supplied as 50, 100 and 5x100 isolations.

Kit Components

  1. RNA Binding Column
  2. Binding/Lysis Buffer
  3. Poly (A)
  4. Inhibitor Removal Buffer
  5. Wash Buffer
  6. Elution Buffer
  7. Collection and Storage Tubes
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Spin RNA Extraction Kit - UL1003-1ViraSimple Tube Viral RNA Extraction Kit, 100 isolations Contains columns, buffers & collection tubes$350.00

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Spin RNA Extraction Kit - UL1004-1ViraSimple 96-Plate Viral RNA Extraction Kit, 100 isolations Contains plates & buffers$350.00

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