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Molecular Transport Media (MTM)

PrimeStore® Molecular Transport Medium (MTM) was invented in 2006 in preparation for a Worldwide pandemic which at the time was expected to be H5N1 influenza. It was designed to rapidly inactivate viruses (including SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza), bacteria (including MTB) and high consequence veterinary pathogens (including ASFv, CSFv, FMDv, HPAI, and NDv) within the sample and stabilize the RNA and DNA to provide safer and more efficient workflow for molecular testing and sequencing. The cold chain is not needed for transportation from collection to the laboratory. It disrupts/lyses lipid membranes, destroys proteins and enzymes, inactivates nucleases and proteases, inactivates infectious biological pathogens, including gram-positive/negative bacteria and viruses, and preserves and stabilizes ‘naked’ RNA/DNA at elevated temperatures.

Warning from the Manufacturer Longhorn Vaccines & Diagnostics:
PrimeStore MTM should not be used with the Hologic Panther System due to a disinfecting step involving bleach that is specific to that platform. PrimeStore MTM, like most lysis buffers and nucleic acid purification reagents, contains Guanidine. Bleach and guanidine create cyanide gas which is why most molecular lab protocols use ethanol based decontamination and cleaning solutions rather than bleach.


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